EDG Inc POWERGEN New Orleans

We love face-to-face conversations. In a time of “tech”, we still feel that meeting and speaking face-to-face is the absolute best way to really get to know our clients.  That is one of the many reasons the EDG team is excited to be exhibiting at POWERGEN International in New Orleans.  Let us share with you the ways that we can be an integral part of your next projects.

EDG Power Generation Services:  Project Management, Mechanical Design, Civil/Structural Design, Electrical/Control System Design, EPC Partner, Scheduling/Planning, Procurement, Regulatory/Permitting, and CCR Management

EDG Power Generation Markets:  Fossil Fuel Generation, Industrial Power, Power Plant Services, Distribution Energy, and De-Commissioning

For more information about EDG’s services and capabilities pertaining to power generation, please contact Brad Eleew or Dan Gary.  We’ll see you at POWERGEN 2019!




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