With EDG’s corporate goals, we recognize our responsibility to our clients. Their goodwill and confidence are essential to our business.

EDG's mission is to:

  • Deal Fairly and Honestly with Our Clients;
  • Handle Client Requests Promptly and Professionally;
  • Exercise Tact, Patience, and Courtesy all the time;
  • Give Clients the Full Value and Highest Quality on Every Service Provided;
  • Take Personal Interest and Initiative in Solving Clients’ Problems; and
  • Protect Our Clients’ Right to Privacy and Confidentiality

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We further recognize that we are accountable to God, our community, each other, and to ourselves.

Therefore, our mission includes honoring these responsibilities in our entire work—in accordance with our Unifying Principles.  EDG’s Company Goal is to achieve and maintain a leadership position as a major consulting engineering firm, known and respected for the quality of our work and the character of our staff.

We are continuously:
  • Striving for Excellence;
  • Dedicated to Service;
  • Committed to Value;
  • Motivated by Accomplishment; and
  • Directed by Character

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