EDG Character by Design

The Character by Design training program focuses on 36 qualities.

Every month, we focus on one of these qualities through our company meetings, a monthly Character First handout, and company-wide emails.  The Character by Design program helps employees to understand and encourage character-building traits in themselves and in their peers. It provides a moral compass to guide organizational behavior at every level of the company.

Each day, we make crucial decisions for our customers that are safe and morally correct. As professionals and engineers, we govern ourselves by the philosophy that we will only perform our jobs ethically, morally, and with the utmost degree of integrity. We are known and respected for the quality of work we deliver, and we’re proud of what we’ve built.

At EDG, Inc., we believe that exceptional character drives excellent results for our clients, employees, and vendors.

Our participation in this program has enhanced job satisfaction, produced outstanding project deliverables, and strengthened our commitment to our clients.

Building character in an organization is not about image. It’s about backbone. Character by Design is essential to our continued success as a leading full-service consulting firm, and the result is a level of professionalism second to none.

Quality people are the key to unparalleled service. You’ll find that exact mindset at any of our locations around the world.

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