EDG Inc Drone Inspection Services Oil and Gas Downstream
Plant/Asset Condition Assessments
  • Asset Integrity Auditing
  • Risk-Based Inspection Programs
  • Post-Shutdown/Overhaul Fitness Assessment of Various Plant Assets
Process Safety Programs
  • Development of Plant Hazards and Effects Register
  • Identification of Plant Major Accident Hazards and Migrations Required
  • Documentation of Facility HSE Case
  • Identification of Safety-Critical Equipment and Systems for Maintaining
  • Facilitation of HEMP Studies
  • HAZOP Reviews and Process Hazards Analyses
  • Facilitation of PSM Compliance Reviews
Management of Change (MOC) Programs
  • Provide Tools and Coaching for Ensuring Appropriate Technical Review and Documentation of Plant Changes
Equipment Criticality/Alarm Management
  • Integration of Criticality Assessments and Upset Intervention Hierarchy in all new Capital Projects
ASME/API/NACE Piping and Pressure Vessel Design
PLC/DCS Control Systems and IPF System Design
Pressure Relief Devices and Flare System Design
Maintenance Turnaround
  • Maintenance Turnaround Planning with Cost & Schedule Control Management
  • Scouting of Capital Project Solutions for Numerous Chemical and Petrochemical Processes


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Closed Vent System for Emissions Control engineering firm

Featured Project:

Closed Vent System for Emissions Control

Closed Vent System for Emissions Control – EDG staff managed the design and installation of a plant-wide closed-vent system for reducing emissions of hydrocarbon and hazardous air pollutants at a rubber polymer plant to comply with air quality standards.