EDG’s substation construction scope of work included: 

Performing extensive earth work, including rock blasting, clearing, grubbing, and grading.  EDG installed gabion baskets to create retaining wall and facilitate substation’s current grade and elevation.  Work also entailed cutting in access and site-specific roads—which included the installation and grading of different aggregate types.


  • Installing and compacting lifts of aggregate for the finish surface/grade of the substation, within the fence
  • Casted-in-place concrete foundations for all new electrical and steel structures
  • Installing the following high-side and low-side equipment:
      • 33.6 MVA Conventional Transformer
      • 3700 KVA Substation Regulator
      • 2000 Amp Main Breaker
      • Five (5) Breaker Bays 
      • Two (2) 1200-amp Feeder Breakers
  • Creating underground exits for Distribution feeders from substation
  • Establishing new 13.8 kV. Distribution Line
  • Clearing, grubbing, and surveying for new transmission line tie-in
  • Adding new 115 kV. transmission line
  • Constructing chain-link fence around the immediate substation area for security
  • Designing, procuring, and installing a custom, decorative fence to bring an architectural element to the project area
  • Laying out and constructing concrete driveway and apron leading up to the substation