EDG, Inc. executed the FEED and Detailed Engineering for a 23-mile tieback to an existing Spar facility located in the Gulf of Mexico. EDG provided Project Management, Procurement, Detailed Engineering & Design, Project Controls, Inspection, and WorkPax®. 

Addition of several major equipment and infrastructure components were the following:

Deepwater Spar Engineering consulting

  • Addition of two Flowline Launcher/Receiver Skids
  • Addition of an extension to the existing manifold
  • Conversion of an existing separator from two to three-phase
  • Addition of a Bulk Oil Heat Exchanger
  • Addition of a Bulk Oil Treater
  • Addition of a VRU
  • Addition of a H.P. Gas Cooler
  • Addition of a Flash Gas Compressor (FGC)
  • Addition of Scrubbers and Coolers for the FGC
  • Conversion of a pipeline pump for dual purpose as a pigging pump
  • Addition of subsea chemical injection facilities
  • Addition of deck extension 31 ft. x 55 ft.