Natural Gas Engine Driven Compression Stations - EDG Inc

EDG, Inc. – Natural Gas Engine Driven Compressor Project Overview:

This project comprises the development of a standard large scale, compressor station to provide up to 60MMSCFD per station for the growing gas compression needs of the Client.

Existing Standard Station – The Client has developed a standard compressor station using rental units that has been deployed throughout the Permian Basin.  The experience and knowledge gained from these installations is to be used as a starting point for the new station development for larger purchased natural gas-driven compressor units.  Specifically, the process train utilized in the standard station is to be carried over to the new design.

New Compressor Packages – A new standard two-unit, natural gas engine-driven compressor train will be designed to replace the eight unit setup used in the standard station.  Each train will have a capacity of 60MMSCFD.

Process/ Compression Integration – A new station layout and integration strategy will be developed to integrate the standard station process train and the new compressor packages.

The first installation is expected to be in Hayhurst, TX with multiple locations following.