EDG, Inc. provided FEED and Detailed Engineering for large capacity modular compressor station designs for locations in Texas and New Mexico.  Project Management, Detailed Engineering and Design, WorkPax®, and Construction/Installation Support were all supplied.

Two (2) standard compressor designs were developed to meet capacity and emissions requirements for different sites.  Designs were completed for natural gas engine driven sites for up to 60 mmscfd. of natural gas throughput and electric motor driven designs capable of up to 300 mmscfd. total capacity.  Key design features include:

  • Modular design allows staggered buildup of site capacity to match production timeline
  • Electric and engine driven options provide flexibility to meet state emissions requirements
  • In addition to compression, dehydration capacity was also modularized to utilize standard available packages
  • Design concept focused on maintainability of equipment with ease of access as the guiding principle
  • Electric sites include a 90 ft.-6 in. x 31 ft. MCC building with provisions for ten (10) VFDs

Large Capacity Compressor Station Design by EDG Inc

EDG Inc. Onshore Project Image at night of Large Capacity Compressor Station