The scope of work included Gas Condensate field development with offshore production and onshore processing plant facilities for condensate storage and export, and conditioned gas export to pipeline.

International Gas Plant, gas condensate field equipment engineeringThe Gas Processing Facilities were designed to receive production via two (2) 16-in. pipelines from the offshore field and condition it to meet Sales Gas and Sales Condensate quality specifications.

The sales gas were processed to meet several specifications including: Cricondentherm Hydrocarbon Dew Point, moisture content, temperature, pressure, and heating value. The Sales Condensate had to meet RVP and BS&W specifications. 

As well as raw natural gas and hydrocarbon condensate, the arriving stream contained saturation and produced water, MEG, salt, and other chemicals injected to protect and maintain pipeline operations. The MEG was reclaimed to remove water and salts before returning to the pipeline. The salt waste product combined with the treated produced water and sent to storage prior to offshore disposal.

  • The Onshore Gas Processing Facilities included:
    • Inlet Slug Handling System
    • JT Type Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Control System
    • Sales Gas Compression System
    • Sales Gas Metering System
    • Inlet Liquid Handling System
    • Condensate Stabilization System
    • Condensate Storage and Sales Systems
    • MEG Regeneration/Reclamation/Injection Systems
    • Produced Water Treating System
    • Vapor Recovery Unit Compression System
    • Flash Gas Compression System
    • Methanol Injection Systems
    • Utility Systems
    • Fuel Gas System
    • Future Compressor Seal Gas System
    • Hot Oil Heat Medium System
    • Emergency Electric Power Generation
    • Chemical Injection Systems
    • Closed Drain System
    • Open Drain System
    • Instrument Air System
    • Vent Systems
    • Fire Water System
    • Utility Water System
    • Potable Water System
    • Sanitary Sewage System
    • Diesel Storage and Transfer System
    • CO2 Flare Snuffing System