Industrial Customer Plant Expansion designs and management, switching station edg

EDG’s industrial customer plant expansion project’s scope of work included: 
  • Constructing new switching station adjacent to existing plant facility. Plant serves project loads via new Systems 230 kV. Switching station that are now cut in to an existing 230 kV. transmission line
  • Raising and relocating eight (8) integral, high-voltage transmission lines to 118 ft. above existing highway grade—at center sag—plus electrical clearances of 69 kV., 138 kV., and 230 kV.  Project consisted of 195-foot-tall, single-pole, single-circuit structures with base-plated vibratory caisson foundations
  • Replacing the existing 560 MVA autotransformer with new 1200 MVA autotransformer in order to accommodate the increased load requirement
  • Building a T-line cut-in on the 230 kV. transmission line to interconnect the new 230 kV. switching station
  • Adding fiber optic communications in multiple locations
  • Addressing all 500 kV. and 230 kV. remote stations (zone 2 and zone 3) relaying and relay settings changed
  • Replacing the existing structures to accommodate the re-conductoring of the tie line between substations