Fuel Gas Supply Pipeline, EDG Project DesignPhase 1

EDG, Inc. performed FEED and Detailed Engineering for the installation of 7-mile pipeline through an Onshore Treating Terminal to provide fuel gas to new power station.  With responsibility of the overall construction planing and construction management efforts, EDG coordinated the installation of the pipeline traversing complex liquid treating equipment and a newly designed gas processing plant in a safely coordinated, successful manner.

Phase 2

In a continuation of the MGS1 project, EDG provided Total Project Management, FEED, Detailed Design and Construction Planing efforts of a 12.5-mile offshore pipeline with beach approach, offshore tie-ins with small deck extension and new liquids recovery gas processing plant onshore.  Due to the remote area there were several logistical challenges in addition to some project technical issues that involved a difficult pipeline pull-in from a fixed offshore point which was impacted  from floor congestion that limited anchor spreads.