EDG, Inc. provided Preliminary and Final Engineering and Design services to add an additional truck scale house and load out lane to an existing cement terminal in Louisiana in an effort to relieve truck traffic from overflowing into the adjacent street and improve overall truck throughput at the terminal.

The Project Scope included the addition of the below equipment and services:

  • Preliminary and Final Engineering services
  • Construction support services
  • Permitting support services with all the regulatory permitting agencies at the State and local level
  • Addition of new truck lane to relieve overflow
  • Addition of a new truck scale and scale house
  • Addition of mechanical equipment necessary to divert material flow to the existing loadout system as well as the new loadout system
  • Addition of mechanical equipment to convey material to the new truck loadout lane
  • Addition of new control system to tie into the existing terminal controls

Cement Terminal Truck Scale House design and engineering firm

Cement Terminal Truck Scale House and Loadout Lane