Processing Facilities

Since EDG, Inc. started business more than 40 years ago, developing oil and gas processing facilities and equipment has been at its core.

  • Oil & Condensate Treating
    • Primary Separation, Oil BS&W Treating, Desalting, and Sour Oil Treating
    • Gathering Sites, Condensate Stabilization, Storage, and LACT Units
    • Metering, Shipping, and Loading Facilities
    • Compression and Vapor Recovery
    • Flaring/Incineration
  • Gas Conditioning & Treating
    • Contactors, Reboilers, Scrubbers, Filters, Heaters, and Hydrate Inhibition Equipment
    • Gas Dehydration Equipment – Glycol Unites, Mol Sieve Unites, Desiccant, and JT Units
    • Gas Sweetening (H2S and CO2 removal) – Membranes, Amine Units, and EOR Systems
    • NGL Recovery and Storage
    • Compression and Vapor Recovery

Terminals and Storage

EDG has the personnel and knowledge to tackle any project with a dedicated and experienced team of Marine and Terminals engineering and design professionals.

  • Gathering, Loading, Transport, Measurement, and Storage of Gas and Liquids 
  • Cavern Leaching and Injection Facilities 
  • Above-Ground Storage Tanks (API 620, 625, 650, 653, and 12F)
  • Venting and Gas Blanketing System Design and Analysis 
  • Measurement, Loading, and Shipping Infrastructure for Pipelines, Truck, Rail, Barge, or Tanker
  • Loading and Unloading Dock Design, Inspection and Remediation 
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