We work closely with your asset team to provide a fit-for-purpose solution to meet budget, schedule, and technical requirements.

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Our experience includes:
  • Concept Selection;
  • Design Development;
  • Detailed Engineering;
  • Construction Execution Support; and
  • Project Controls.

lng project management consulting

Brownfield Upgrades

EDG has extensive knowledge about the equipment and technologies typically utilized in LNG facilities to diagnose, replace or upgrade the system to perform when it matters.

  • Extensive HYSYS Modeling and Simulation Experience;
  • Comprehensive Pipe Stress Analysis using CAESAR II for Thermal Bowing, Flange, and Pipe Stress Review;
  • Address Thermal Recycling of Aerial Coolers;
  • On-line Vessel Support Modifications;
  • Waste Heat System Modifications; and
  • Boil Off Gas and Loading Arm Troubleshooting.
Operations Support

EDG has the operations support capabilities to handle any situation, any time of day.  Whether it is troubleshooting process-related issues over the phone or providing a field visit to determine how to improve control schemes, our expertise keeps your operations running smoothly.

operations and maintenance support for lng projects

EDG works with our client’s management of change systems.  We provide the necessary engineering / documentation required to execute facility changes successfully and to keep the asset documentation whole throughout the process.

Maintenance and Turnaround Support

EDG will support turnaround efforts by providing the necessary engineering for minor modifications required during turnaround.  EDG will meet the tight schedules typically found for turnaround activities while utilizing work packs to optimize schedule shut-in.

Digital Asset Support

EDG has decades of experience supporting clients with maintaining and updating their digital assets:

  • As-building critical documentation such as P&IDs, electrical hazardous area registers / drawings, equipment layouts, critical equipment datasheets;
  • SPI Databases; and
  • 3D Modeling (PDMS and S3D).