Glenn Waguespack - EDG Inc - 30 Years of Service

It is not every company that can boast the longevity of careers its employees have had and we are honored to be a company that can truly say our people are our business. It is the character of the ladies and gentlemen who take pride in doing their very best every day while upholding the EDG Unifying Principles and following our Character by Design program.  We are proud to celebrate Glenn Waguespack’s 30 years of service and have him as a member of our family.  We Thank You, Glenn. Thank you for your dedication, faith, character, and thoroughness.

What Paul Haddican, Drafting Manager of EDG Metairie, had to say when asked about working with Glenn over the years:  “When I first met Glenn 30 years or so ago and started working on projects with him, I was stunned by how passionate he was about a design being a certain way.  Along the years of working together and getting to know him as a friend and brother, I have come to realize that he is always trying to do the best that he can for the project, for EDG, and the client with the God given talent that he has.  This is what makes Glenn one of EDG’s best Pipe Designers. When I speak with Glenn about work issues or bend his ear for advice on personal issues, I can see how he is guided by his faith in words and actions.  He truly helps me be a better person and for this I am thankful for him being part of our EDG family and a true friend.”


“When I began my employment with EDG, Inc. in 1990, I would have never believed I would work at the same place for 30 years!  It didn’t take long however, to recognize that EDG was different than any other place I had been employed.  There was a sense of camaraderie that made it enjoyable to come to work and the core principles of the existence of EDG, established by its founders, were meaningful to me; Its purpose had substance.  EDG was not just another engineering consulting firm where someone could earn a paycheck.  It was a place where God was recognized as being our ultimate source and, as stated, we were accountable to Him.  EDG was about helping people to become a better person, by developing their character to relate well with others, not just to improve their skills to perform their job well.  I’m grateful for these past thirty years of opportunity with EDG, not only for the incredible experiences in the professional and technical aspects, but from a personal aspect of helping me to discover my purpose; as a husband, as a mechanical designer and as a valued human being in the eyes of my Creator.  During the last three decades here I’ve learned so much from so many talented and caring individuals that have helped me to succeed in my career.” – Glenn Waguespack

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