David Siebold EDG TECH

EDG, Inc. is pleased to announce David Siebold has joined our team as the Business Development Manager of EDG TECH

The Technology and Automation division of EDG, EDG TECH is excited to have David Siebold join the team as the Business Development Manager.  In this role, David will lead the business development effort focusing on EDG TECH’s portfolio of services across automation, digital twin, and asset performance management solutions.  EDG’s longstanding “Better People Better Business” and “Character by Design” culture aligns perfectly with David’s views of how the right people in the right environment drive success.

David comes to EDG with over 24 years of consulting and technology integration experience across the manufacturing, oil and gas, chemicals, power, and renewables markets. He graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a bachelor of science degree in Chemical Engineering.  He most recently held a key leadership role in one of the largest global automation and technology providers in the world.

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