EDG Inc Character Quality Alertness

The EDG, Inc. Character Quality of the Month: Alertness


Alertness – Being aware of what is taking place around me so I can respond appropriately

1. Anticipate Obstacles
We must consciously develop alertness by understanding the goal, anticipating potential challenges, and determining beforehand how we will respond to those challenges. From this perspective, we can quickly recognize which areas need attention.  Further, by determining what to do before the pressure comes, we lessen our chance of making impulsive decisions that could bring an undesirable outcome.

2. Connect Signals With Meaning
Every part of life is affected by the other parts of life.  It is not enough to know what is taking place right here, right now.  A construction worker needs to be aware of those working around him, not just on his or her own task.  Company leaders must maintain awareness to new needs and opportunities in the industry, not just new needs in their special niche.  Parents need to notice events in the neighborhood around their home, not just events in their home.  Be constantly alert to distant signals of danger or opportunity, rather than limiting your focus strictly to matters immediately at hand.

3. Tell Those Affected
When we know of a situation that will involve others, we should communicate it!  We show alertness to an issue by noting its development, and we show alertness to the needs of others by spreading the word.  Whether it is putting up a wet floor sign or warning those around us before starting a noisy machine, alertness requires us to identify and notify those affected.

4. Act Immediately
Tomorrow’s alertness will be conditioned by our actions today.  Acting on right priorities today will enhance our alertness to those priorities tomorrow.  Failing to heed warnings today can result in failure to hear warnings tomorrow.  Instead of ignoring problems or procrastinating, we must take responsibility to develop a constructive response.  Alertness in every area becomes harder when we procrastinate in any area.  We may not be able to resolve a situation immediately, but we can establish patterns of alertness by beginning the process.

5. Take Time to Analyze
Learn from life.  Seek to understand information gained from study and experience.  It is not enough to merely witness an event, opportunity, or trend—alertness requires us to see applications and comprehend their implications.  This practice provides valuable insights into successes and failures that can help us respond to future situations.

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