Mike Rodriguez EDG Inc 32 Years of Service

EDG, Inc. is proud to call Michael “Mike” Rodriguez a member of our family and we are truly grateful for his 32 years of dedicated service in our Metairie, Louisiana office.  Mike is currently a Checking Leader in the Drafting department and has worn many hats over the years, but it is his character, skill, and camaraderie we appreciate most.

Drafting Manager, Paul Haddican had this to say:  “Mike, I want to thank you personally so much for your years of service and not only for helping EDG Drafting get better as a department, but the drafters better people with the experiences and great character you share with us every day. You truly are a great friend and brother to us all. Thank you.”

“32 years ago, they gave this greenhorn an opportunity to join the EDG, Inc. family.  I suddenly realized that this is an amazing company that genuinely cares for each and every employee.  There is truly a family atmosphere here and that is so important.  I have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people over the past 32 years and I enjoy coming to work each day.”  – Michael P. Rodriguez

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