EDG Inc COVID-19 Message

To our Clients and Business Partners:

This “new” world of tumultuous health and economic uncertainty is unbelievably stressful for all of our employees, clients, business partners and their families and will likely tax our businesses to near breaking points.  There is a real opportunity here, during these trials, for us to practice the core values and character that we profess and navigate the many challenges with integrity, straightforwardness and transparency.  That is what we intend to do at EDG, and you can hold us accountable for such as we work our way through this…together.  We ask for your prayers, as we will also urge our staff to pray for you, our clients, our business partners, our industries, and our countries.

Meanwhile, we will work hard to meet every commitment we made to you.  EDG offices will remain open until it is mandated that they must close or we determine that we can no longer confidently operate safely.  We have and will continue to administer a formal admission policy to control those variables that we can influence, and keep the office virus free for as long as we possibly can.

Our work-from-home (WFH) initiative has spun up quickly.  A large group of employees are already working from home and the balance is ready to work remotely on moment’s notice, with full access to all of our design and drafting tools.  We obviously all will need to work extra hard on the communication and collaboration between us if we are to make this work successfully…again, something we at EDG intend to do with purposeful intent.

It is humbling to come face to face with the fragility of the businesses, careers, and lives that we have built and cherish.  With God’s grace, wisdom, and guidance, we can and will work our way through this.

Please do not hesitate to contact us (https://www.edg.net/contact) if there’s anything we can do to assist you.

Gary Davis