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Please see below for information regarding projects completed in Africa.

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Malembo Gas Supply

Project Management, Procurement, Cost Estimating, Front-end Engineering, Detailed Design, Construction Management, Operations Support;

Client: Chevron

Location: Angola, Africa

Greater Takula Area Infrastructure Project

The GTAI project was composed of upgrades to both offshore and onshore crude oil production facilities. The onshore segments of the initiative were comprised of three major subprojects:

Client: Cabinda Gulf Oil Co.

Location: Angola, Africa

Mafumeira Sul Project Maintenance Buildings

Mafumeira Sul Project Maintenance Buildings. EDG designed three maintenance buildings to be located on the Central Processing Complex.

Client: CABGOC

Location: Republic of Angola

Olowi Development

The project consists of the installation of five wellhead platforms (WHP-A through WHP-E) and one central processing platform (CPP).

Client: Pioneer Natural Resources

Location: Gabon, West Africa

Banzala Well Platform “A”

EDG provided the front-end loading, conceptual and detail design, project and construction management, procurement support, commissioning and start-up on Banzala “A” platform.

Client: Gulf Oil Company, LTD.

Location: Angola,West Africa

Greater Vanza Longui Area Development

Alternative analysis for a Greenfield offshore development including multiple platforms and pipeline infrastructure to process oil and LPG offshore, re-inject gas or send to Angola LNG onshore facility.

Client: Cabinda Gulf Oil Co.

Location: Angola, Africa

Mafumeira Sul

Mafumeira Sul Project is currently in the Concept Selection phase.

Client: CABGOC

Location: Angola, Africa