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Experienced Professionals: Make a Difference

The difference is...Better People

Never before has the need for talented people been more important.  But at EDG talent alone is not enough.  We're looking for people that can bring talent, maturity, experience and dedication to every task they encounter.  We need people who understand that exceptional work requires more than minimal effort.  And we reward those individuals with an environment that offers interesting work and supportive teams.  WE also provide a place where your skills can be showcased and shared with your peers to ensure only a superior product is delivered to the end user.

From the very beginning, EDG's primary focus has been on making a difference. And we've done this by providing superior work, hiring quality individuals and establishing a legacy of good character.

At EDG, your career can continue to grow in any direction you choose. You can contribute and add value in more than one industry, working on significant projects throughout the world. You have the room to grow, learn new skill–sets, create new business, and achieve technical accomplishments.

The heart and soul of our organization rests in the initiative, professionalism, and character of each member of our team. Because of this we do not subscribe to the surge and purge mentality of so many of the engineering firms out there.  We believe in building strong teams and don't purge our ranks when a project comes to an end.  We'd rather invest in the people that have made the company successful so we are able to offer the same superior service project after project.

Why should you move to EDG?

  • We promote a positive, flexible and family-like culture.
  • Each employee is considered core to EDG's growth and success.
  • We continuously diversify by building international relationships and technical expertise.
  • We are a privately held corporation with no external influence.
  • All of the owners are active managers and easily accessible.
  • Each office is locally managed.
  • We are committed to our team (even through industry downturns or natural disasters)
  • We encourage initiative and drive.