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Character Builder of the Month - Cooperation: “Understanding others so I can effectively work with them”

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8,000,000+ Incident Free Man-Hours

EDG Celebrates 8,000,000+ Man-Hours Without Incident EDG, Inc. has reached another major safety milestone by getting to 8,000,000 work-hours incident free!  EDG celebrates having an incident and injury-free culture, corporate and local employee safety leadership team, beginning every meeting with a safety topic, safety recognition programs, in-office BBS, safety in designs, and visible safety leadership.  Safety is a top priority at EDG and we thank our employees for their safety diligence.

EDG, Inc. Utility Services Group at SWESE New Orleans 2018

The EDG, Inc. Utility Services Group will have a booth next week at the Southwest Electric Safety Exchange Conference.  Stop by to speak with Brad Eleew, Adam Keckler, and Troy Vaughn.

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