Lead Gas Platform - EDG Inc

EDG, Inc. Lean Gas Connection Project Overview:

  • Gas pressure reduction scope and flare capacity expansion project.  The LGP takes 600 MMSCFD of high pressure gas (5,000 psig) from the existing offshore complex across a bridge onto the new Lean Gas Platform (LGP) and reduces the pressure to within the limits of the pipeline that feeds the LNG facility in Angola.
  • The LGP processes up to 600 MMSCFD of gas and has an added electric Booster Compression Module (BCM) with 2 x 6,000 HP electric motors driven compressors that are controlled by Variable Frequency Drives boosting the gas pressure to 3,300 psig as the reservoir declines.
  • EDG’s scope was FEED and Detailed Engineering of the LGP platform, bridge, 285 ft. flare boom, and Booster Compressor Module (BCM).  The scope included all engineering, design and procurement of all bulks, tagged items and equipment for the LGP and BCM scopes.
  • EDG’s total effort for the Lean Gas Platform and Booster Compressor Module FEED and Detailed Engineering and Design scope exceeded 300,000 man hours.