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Operations Support Engineering

We have the expertise to keep your operations running smoothly.

EDG has the operations support capabilities to handle any situation. Whether it's troubleshooting process-related issues over the phone or providing a field visit to determine how to improve your pump controls, we have the expertise to keep your operations running smoothly.

We can also coordinate your management of change process to ensure that your files are always up-to-date. Operations Support at EDG spans beyond engineering.  We also offer regulatory assistance, construction coordination, and the development of operations manuals or a field specific procedure for a one-time event. Our operations support staff has knowledge of every piece of equipment in your plant or on your offshore facility. For power generation problems, compressor optimization, upgrades, debottlenecking, maintenance support, and WorkPax Operating procedures, we’re ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. At EDG, we’re solidly committed to your production.


When you need facility upgrades to handle a new well or a third-party subsea tieback, or you need to increase terminal through-put or add new product capabilities, EDG has extensive expertise in onshore and offshore facility upgrades. Whether the scope of the project includes adding a manifold and test separator or a 600-ton process module, we can engineer the adaptations necessary to ensure success. EDG has effectively completed more than 10 host platform modifications to accommodate subsea production. We understand that making your upgrade on schedule and within budget is a top priority. You need production results from your facility, and we share your goal of a quality long-term solution that minimizes downtime. 

Our designs incorporate installation and hookup strategies, which allow many systems to be installed with little or no interruption in workflow. EDG has the experience in upgrades and modifications to proactively resolve potential problems during design, installation, hookup and commissioning. Working with clients worldwide, we regularly complete jobs requiring aspects of piping, mechanical equipment, structural, instrumentation and electrical, utilities and accommodations. EDG delivers the solid engineering, coordination, skill and communication to expertly navigate your project.


EDG conducts facility debottlenecking studies to determine the most effective strategy for increasing throughout your organization. It is often a matter of simply increasing a line size, changing a valve trim or tweaking operating pressures. Other times, however, finding the best debottlenecking strategy can be challenging. Every piece of equipment has specific limitations, and our seasoned engineers are able to maximize equipment performance without installing costly new systems. By tabulating all components in the debottlenecking process and assessing the true capacity under actual operating conditions, engineers can recommend additions or modifications to existing equipment. We successfully completed our first debottlenecking project in 1982 and therefore have a strong knowledge base of best practices and lessons learned from which to draw. Innovative solutions to upgrade projects come from experience with similar facilities.

Maintenance Support

EDG understands that not all projects require a large team to complete. We provide support to your onshore and offshore operations and maintenance teams. Our services include analysis and design for facility and structural component replacements or refurbishments, as well as coordination for execution. We will work with you to develop safe and environmentally sound solutions for the replacement of large generators in the absence of existing installation aids. Or if you just need help identifying a discontinued item, we are ready to complete any task – large or small.

WorkPax™ Operating Procedures

Structured project management and tracking

WorkPax™ is a centralized resource that offers a host of benefits for clients, construction management and construction teams in the planning, scheduling, implementing and progress tracking of projects, large and small. Using engineering drawings and documents, WorkPax™ serves to define individual work tasks while providing a framework for construction sequencing through the use of a Critical Path Matrix. This matrix provides the basis for construction scheduling while enabling the user to generate accurate resource loading.

Regulatory Support

EDG has provided interface management and regulatory coordination in conjunction with our clients. Our staff has been continuously involved in the preparation and submittal of documents, drawings, and permit packages. On past projects, EDG has communicated directly with the required regulatory agencies on behalf of the client during the review and approval process and has arranged for meetings with the agencies to facilitate a better understanding of the proposed project and to streamline the approval process.

High Definition Surveying and Laser Scanning

EDG has found no better tool than laser scanning to efficiently execute a brown field project. Point cloud data can be incorporated in CAD platforms for routing pipe and can be rendered into a web viewer for engineers. We provide multiple levels of support to your projects. From our hands on approach, to managing 3rd party contractors, EDG services include data analysis, reservation, and presentation. Our experienced modelers can even map future geometric structures onto the point cloud data to give you an idea of how something will look or fit. We currently manage over 12 Terabytes of laser scanning data that is safely backed up offsite. We welcome the opportunity to help your brown field project be successful.