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Offshore Living Quarters to Onshore Industrial Buildings

EDG Consulting Engineers has built a strong team of professionals specialized in building design, from fully outfitted offshore living quarters to onshore industrial buildings.

EDG’s Marine and Industrial Group has not only designed buildings, but has significant field experience in fabrication, transportation, installation, hookup, and commissioning.

Our diverse onshore and offshore project experience enables us to determine the most efficient and cost effective strategy for successful project development. We can provide design expertise to our clients independently or in conjunction with EDG’s full suite of project management and engineering capabilities and will tailor a work structure that fits your project needs.

EDG has full 3D modelling capabilities, and all building components, including HVAC, plumbing and electrical, are included. This effectively reduces risk to both the budget and schedule by enabling us to troubleshoot fabrication issues before drawings are ever issued.

Project Examples

Marathon EG Production Ltd. - Maintenance Workshop and Offices

Location: Malabo, Equatorial Guinae

EDG design scope includes site layout, drainage, workshop foundation, architectural floor plan, roadway, accessibility/security, and all utilities for a new 23,000 sq. ft. workshop and two (2) 4,000 sq. ft. office buildings.

Shell Mars “A” Living Quarters

Location: Mississippi Canyon 807 “A”,  Gulf of Mexico

The Quarters Building is designed for 76 bed, three-level 40’ x 72’ steel building, engineered to support a temporary “bullfrog type” crane, specifically modeled with reactions of the Seatrax S230P.  The quarters will be designed for an offshore single point lift condition and capable of sustaining blast of 0.65bar.

Mafumeira Sul Project - Offshore Maintenance Buildings

Location: Republic of Angola

EDG designed three (3) maintenance buildings to be located on the Central Processing Complex, Block O, offshore Cabinda Province.  Design included Workshop and Laboratory Building, Storage, and Work Control Building.

The Workshop and Laboratory Building (WLB) is a 2-story, all steel building, measuring 57’-0’ and 31’-0” and 21’-0” tall.  The Storage and Work Control Building (WCB) is a 2-story, all steel building, measuring 21’-0” x 31’-0’ x 25’-4” high; and the Operation Storage Building (OSB) is a 1-story, all steel building, measuring 16’-0” x 21’-0’ x 11’-3” tall.

LLOG “Delta House” Living Quarters Building

Location: Mississippi Canyon 254 “A”, Gulf of Mexico

The Quarters 51’-0” wide by 74’-6” long 2-story steel building with octagonal helideck landing area to accommodate a Sikorsky S-76 with an attached parking area.  38 POB with Galley Capacity for 50 people and designed for dual crane lift.  Designed to sustain 0.5 bar blast and design includes davits for survival craft and fast rescue boat.