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ARC Flash Services

Power Distribution System Modeling and Design

EDG provides electrical services utilizing Easy Power ® and ETAP modeling software for load flow studies, short circuit analysis, protective device coordination, and arc-flash analysis of electrical systems at voltage levels including 120 V, 480 V, 4,160 V, 15 kV, 35 kV, and 69 kV.

These services include Load Study, Voltage Drop, Motor Starting, Motor Controller Selection, Short Circuit Analysis and Protective Device Coordination.

What is an Arc-Flash?

An arc-flash is the energy released when electric current passes through the air between ungrounded conductors and grounded conductors.  If this occurs, an arc-flash results in extreme temperatures that can reach 35,000° F.  Persons in the vicinity of an arc-flash can experience severe burns, internal damage, blindness, hearing loss, and death.

Data Collection

Data collection is the first and one of the most important steps of an arc-flash analysis. Very specific data about a power system is needed to achieve accurate results. EDG gives many flexible options for data collection. Options include working with site personnel to guide the data collection process, coordinating and managing a local contractor, or EDG staff working onsite to collect all data needed.

One-Line Development

The one-line diagram is the backbone of analysis. Data collected in the field is entered into engineering software and modeled to reflect the existing power system. From this point, many different types of power system analysis can be performed; such as: Short Circuit Analysis, Protective Device Coordination, Harmonic Analysis, and of course Arc Flash Analysis.

Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis

Analysis is performed on the power system in order to quantify arc flash energies and provide guidance on what level of protection is needed when working on a certain piece of equipment. The results of the analysis are used to create and provide arc-flash warning labels to be posted at all electrical equipment, as well as specific energized electrical work permits to be filled out when energized work is scheduled to take place. The aim of the analysis results is to provide guidance to workers to protect themselves as well as those around them in the case of an arc flash.

Safety Training

When the analysis results are in, EDG can help with the final steps of compliance. Implementing Qualified and Non-Qualified worker safety training as well as implementing the results into the overall safety program is a requirement by both the NFPA 70E and OSHA. EDG provides training onsite or offsite to meet your company’s needs. Training covers the hazards of electricity as well as how to implement the analysis results at your facility. Incorporating arc flash into an existing safety plan can be a challenge and EDG can be there to guide you in the process.