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Your Source for Global Supply Management Expertise

When your project’s critical path runs through services or equipment procurement you need a proven supply management professional; someone who will ensure that your equipment and materials make it to the finish line without delay or complications. EDG handles every aspect of procurement and contracting giving your project an unprecedented level of service. 

Full-Service Solution 

EDG begins in the earliest phases of a project and continues through FEED in developing detailed equipment and material cost estimates. We then proceed to develop comprehensive and formal procurement plans which serve to outline and guide the purchasing and contracting activities through your project’s procurement cycle ensuring the highest level of quality in every project deliverable.

EDG is a world-class consultant offering a full range of project management, engineering, design, supply management and construction management to the oil & gas, industrial, marine-terminal, and electric utility industries.

Supply management services include

  • Cost Estimating
  • Procurement Planning
  • Supplier Qualification
  • RFQ Preparation
  • Pre-bid Clarifications
  • Bid Solicitation
  • Commercial and Technical Bid Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Requisition/Purchase Order and Contract Preparation
  • Purchasing/Contract Execution and Administration
  • Fabrication and Installation Support
  • Inspection Coordination
  • Equipment and Material Expediting
  • Logistics Coordination & Support

Supply Management Methodology

EDG has successfully delivered procurement and contracting solutions to our clients for over 30 years. Today, staffed with core teams of procurement and contracting professionals and backed with the latest technology, we offer supply management expertise in estimating, purchasing, contracting, fabrication and installation support, inspection coordination, expediting, and logistics coordination around the world.  

Entire Supply Chain

We offer the full range of supply management services to include cost-estimating, procurement planning, supplier qualification, RFQ preparation, pre-bid clarifications, bid solution, commercial and technical bid evaluation/recommendation, requisition/purchase order/contract preparations, purchasing/contract execution and administration, fabrication and installation support, inspection coordination, expediting, trafficking and logistics support.


EDG utilizes KoreAdvantage® software; a web-based application designed specifically for project procurement activities regardless of international location . The features of this system ensure that the procurement phase of your project is executed with efficiency and consistency by providing a central depository for all procurement data.

With its integrated functionality and customized templates, KoreAdvantage® facilitates the automated production of requisitions, requests for quotation, bid tabulations, and purchase orders to mirror client specific documents.  Along with the option for creating standard or custom reports, this software provides up-to-date project details such as procurement status, material tracking and disposition, and project committed funds. 

EDG’s procurement solutions offer scalable services, we recognizes that the need for Supply Management services varies from minimum assistance to full service solutions, so at EDG Clients can select the specific services needed for their project from a menu of pre-defined tasks to support project schedule and budget.  

List of services

Procurement Planning 

  • Procurement Planning
  • AFE Equipment Cost Estimates
  • Procurement & Contracting Plan 
  • Supplier Pre-Qualifications 

Procurement Execution

  • Bid List Development 
  • Bid List Approval
  • Request for Quotation Package Assembly
  • Request for Quotation Package Approval
  • Issue Request for Quotation Package
  • Bid Clarification Documents (BCDs) 
  • Supplier Bids Receipt & Distribution
  • Bid Tabulation Development and Distribution
  • Evaluate Bids (Commercial and Technical)
  • Purchase Requisition & Support Documents
  • Purchase Order Preparation & Distribution
  • Supplier Award Meeting, as required
  • Weekly Procurement Status Report

Material Expediting

  • Supplier PO Acknowledgment
  • Material Expedited per Schedule Requirements
  • Inspection Report Monitoring & Problem Escalation
  • Contractor Correspondence Documents (CCD), as required
  • Change Order Preparation & Distribution, as required
  • Material Receipt Confirmation
  • Weekly Material Tracking Report
  • Invoice Approval for Payment
  • Invoice Payment

Procurement Resources

  • Procurement Teams aligned with Engineering, Client, & Project Teams 
  • Procurement Professionals  available to augment staff at Client’s location(s) 
  • Material Coordinators available to augment staff at Client’s location(s), Project Staging Area, or Platform