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Drafting and Design

Using multiple software options, EDG strives to provide clients with a solution tailored to your individual projects.

Design and Drafting is not just another service. It forms the core development area of our business units. 

With an average experience level of more than 20 years in offshore drilling and production platforms, we are forging ahead with proven techniques and fresh and inventive ideas. Our team is ready for the challenges of today’s fast-paced engineering projects, as well as tomorrow’s breakthrough innovations. By drawing from a vast pool of experience while using some of the most exciting technology available, EDG Design and Drafting is breaking the mold that has been cast for drafters.

Drafting and Design


  • Drafting Management and Administration
  • Creating CAD Specifications
  • Model Reviews & Presentation Drawings
  • Field Site Map
  • Pipeline Maps & Approach Layouts
  • Pipeline Details
  • Facility Plot Plan
  • Block Flow Diagram (BFD)
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  • Safety Flow Diagram (SFD)
  • Grade & Drainage Drawings
  • Pipe Rack & Support Footing
  • Trenching & Excavation Details
  • Deck Drawings Deck Extension Drawings
  • Module Drawings
  • Vent Boom Drawings
  • Building Drawings
  • Structural Bill of Material & Weight Report
  • Jacket Drawings
  • Riser & Clamp Drawings
  • Piping
  • ICP Supports Drawings
  • Module Piping Plans, Sect. & Det. Drawings
  • Building Piping Plans, Sect. & Det. Drawings
  • Drafting QA/QC Project Coordination
  • CAD Administration & Spec Maintenance
  • Maps & Pipelines
  • Facility Site Map
  • Pipeline Alignment & Profile
  • General Arrangements
  • Flowsheets
  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Mechanical Flow Diagram (MFD)
  • Civil
  • Foundation Plans, Sections & Details
  • Pile Location Plans
  • Structural Topsides
  • Skid Drawings
  • Helideck Drawings
  • Bridge Drawings
  • Stair, Ladder & Access Landing Drawings
  • Structural Jacket
  • Boat Landing Drawings
  • Caisson/Conductor Drawings
  • ICP Plans, Sections & Details Drawings
  • Skid Piping Plans, Sect. & Det. Drawings
  • Bridge Piping Plans, Sect. & Det. Drawings
  • Piping Bill of Material & Weight Report


Using multiple software options, EDG strives to provide clients with a solution tailored to your individual projects. Deliverables are always the first consideration on any project at EDG. To ensure client satisfaction, we use the best software for the purpose and provide deliverables that match your needs, in a format you can use. Our Plant Design Management System (PDMS) is comprehensive in scope. With a proprietary database structure, graphic interface and encrypted external file structure, it produces real-time shaded models that eliminate the need for rendering. PDMS features advanced capabilities that enable everyone to work in the same model at the same time, without having to import data from other drafting disciplines. Controlled access further ensures that databases, teams and users see only the information relevant to their role. Specific applications integral to PDMS include PDMS Design, PDMS Paragon and Specon, PDMS Draft and PDMS Isodraft.