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Information Management & Document Control

EDG experts develop customized document managing packages specific to your engineering project needs, saving your company time and money.

Information Management (IM) is an integral part of any project’s life cycle and creates the permanent record after project completion. Projects require communication, collaboration and correspondence all of which produce important documents that have to be filed.

EDG provides engineered document management and control systems to help manage your projects and increase communication efficiency.  By customizing specific solutions to fit your current business process, EDG provides a simple way to increase efficiency. All project documentation including incoming and outgoing correspondence is logged, has a control number assigned and is distributed by EDG’s document control representative to the project team, vendors, contractors and client representatives.

EDG’s document management service allows access to the most current data and documents specific to your project from anywhere in the world. Electronic Data Management (EDM) allows sharing of documents worldwide via a secured Internet link. Access privileges are determined by you and controlled by our electronic data administrator. EDM allows collaboration of integrated project and contractor teams located in different parts of the city, country or world at an extremely affordable cost. Most importantly, effective use of EDM limits duplication of files on servers, hard drives and E-mail.