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Structural and Civil Engineering

From deck extensions to platform modules, caissons and freestanding conductors to large jacket structures, river and blue water docks to heavy landside storage and reclaim facilities, we know what it takes to do the job right. 

Our offshore structural engineering includes static, dynamic, wave response, and fatigue and vibration analyses. We boast expertise in damage assessment, with analytical as well as onsite investigations. Our experience with structural facility permitting includes modifications and reassessments as well as new builds. For minimal facilities projects, we offer strategies backed by EDG's patented Mantis® I and Mantis® II structures, and other innovative solutions designed to increase profit. We supplement our designers with field representation to ensure that your structure is being built and installed properly. And when you’re done, our industry experts will manage and engineer your facility decommissioning and removal. Our civil engineers can also help you with your onshore plant tank farms. With widespread experience and proven results, EDG means minimal risk for all your projects.