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Every issue is viewed as another opportunity to exercise our creative resolution ability.

EDG prides themselves on our flexible team of professionals who are ready to accommodate your project needs at any phase. They provide flexible and scalable work processed for both majors and independent, large and small projects. 

EDG offers engineering and project service solutions in the Oil and Gas, Industrial, and Utility business sectors.

Conceptual Design

In this initial phase, we brainstorm and develop a variety of broad-spectrum solutions and then carefully plan the key components.  During conceptual design, we carefully consider the goals and objectives of the project, environmental factors, the time needed to complete the project and any other relevant circumstances. By establishing an accurate “project map” in the beginning, we are able to accurately predict project duration times and circumvent many potential obstacles before they arise.


Prior to beginning the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) phase of a project, we consider the most viable solutions established during the conceptual design phase.  This is the point in the project where we narrow down the possibilities into a single development concept to be further analyzed during the FEED phase that follows. Feasibility studies are conducted for cost and schedule estimates, as well as analyses of other relevant factors that could impact the final outcome.


During the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase of an Upstream job, project specifics are further tested for cost-effectiveness, timeliness and other quality indicators.  The idea is to ensure a prospective concept is the best solution for accomplishing project goals. This important phase can only be carried out through continued conceptual analyses, so that decisions made during the detail design and project execution phases are grounded in practice and application – not theory.

Detailed Design

Once a concept has been thoroughly tested and has proven itself viable, the engineering cycle then moves into the fleshing out of the details.  Here, the focus turns from more general concepts and components to the minutiae that make up the specific details relative to the individual process components of an Upstream project.

Total Project Management 

Once the design phases have been successfully completed, our project management professionals will implement the details of your project to the letter, ensuring a smooth transition from design to execution and beyond. We have the expertise and the resources to take all of the projects from concept to completion, streamlining the process involved wherever possible to help you save time and money.