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Olowi Development

Client | Pioneer Natural Resources // Location | Gabon, West Africa

The project consists of the installation of five wellhead platforms (WHP-A through WHP-E) and one central processing platform (CPP).

Produced gas and liquids are separated at each WHP with the liquids being pumped into the liquids pipeline, and the gas flowing unassisted into the LP gas pipeline.

The WHP’s are interconnected with the CPP through a network of pipelines that run from one platform to the next in a trunk line manner. The in-field pipelines will consist of an LP gas pipeline and a production fluids pipeline that will transfer production to the CPP and an injection water pipeline and a HP gas pipeline that will transfer water and gas to the WHP’s for injection.

The in-field pipelines terminate at the CPP where the oil is dehydrated and metered for export, the water is treated and disposed overboard, and the gas is compressed and dehydrated for use as lift gas, injection gas and fuel gas. Seawater is treated at CPP for use as injection water. Treated oil is pumped to a floating production and storage unit located approximately one mile from the CPP.

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