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Norphlet Development

Client | Chevron USA // Location | Gulf of Mexico

Joint effort between Chevron and EDG to design an offshore sour gas processing facility 10 miles south of Pascagoula, Mississippi.

EDG provided all mechanical design and assisted Chevron in project management, process, structural,and instrumentation design.

This refurbished 3,800-ton platform’s design basis was to process 150 MMSCFD, 4,000 BWPD, and extract 2.5 tons of sulfur per day from acid gas streams to transport. Its 23 separate piping systems included the first U.S. Filter’s LO-CAT II offshore sulfur recovery unit and an amine sweetening plant. The glycol dehydration system features an external reflux system with an external vapor condenser to limit BTEX emissions into the environment. Chevron’s innovative and patented solvent circulation system was used to remove diamondoids. The platform accommodates sour production from six nearby satellite platforms.

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