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New Barge Unloading Berth and Storage Addition

Client | Continental Cement Company // Location | St. Louis, Missouri

Construction of a new barge unloading berth, barge receiving system and new storage facility for Type I/II cement.

The system is designed to unload and transfer cement either to a new filter/receiver system with Air Gravity Conveyor distribution located atop existing silos, or to a new 40,000 Ton capacity pre-engineered concrete storage dome. The conveying rate is established at a nominal rate of 330 STPH. The dome is equipped with an aerated floor capable of reclaiming cement at a rate of up to 250 STPH.

The scope of work included concept through final engineering design involving civil, structural, mechanical and electrical disciplines and Permitting Assistance (USACOE, Air Quality and Construction). Coordination with local government agencies and utility providers, Development of Equipment Bid Packages & Bid Evaluation Services and Major Engineering Deliverables.

The barge unloading system includes the first dual pneumatic arm cement unloading system in the United States. A new river cell and dolphin system was constructed to capture a floating unloading station. This station was positioned sufficiently from the river bank to allow cargo barges to be staged or breasted on either side of the floating platform. A single pivoting pneumatic unloading arm is mounted on either side of the floating deck barge. While the arms do not work simultaneously, both feed a dual pod Dense Phase pneumatic conveying system. This allows the potential for a faster unloading cycle due to the ability to unload one barge, then begin unloading the barge on the opposite side while barge dispatch and positioning occurs on the other side.

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