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Model Update & Maintenance

Client | Chevron

Maintain and Update the Integrated Production models for the Tier 1 fields.

There are currently five Tier 1 assets on the shelf.  Models had been and will be created for all five.  As the model are created they are kept up to date under the following scope of work.

For each asset, the models will be updated as follows: Data is gathered from Well Tests, Production Allocation Data, SBHP Surveys, FBHP Surveys, Topsides Pressure Data, Gas Lift Modifications; followed by the Well Model Maintenance, which includes Well Test Comparison and Create New Wells (Drills and Work Overs); then Surface Model Maintenance this includes Surface modifications of pipelines, flowpath, compression and review pressure trends for effective id’s, finally Model Validation which involves review integrated model and compare to field data. 

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