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Mafumeira Sul Project Maintenance Buildings

Client | CABGOC // Location | Republic of Angola

Mafumeira Sul Project Maintenance Buildings. EDG designed three maintenance buildings to be located on the Central Processing Complex.

Design included Workshop and Laboratory Building, Storage and Work Control Building, and Operation Storage Building.

This Buildings project was designed to be located at Block 0, Offshore Cabinda Province, Republic of Angola. The Workshop and Laboratory Building (WLB) is a two story, all steel building, measuring 57’-0’ and 31'-0" and 21’-0” high. The Storage and Work Control Building (WCB) is a two story, all steel building, measuring 21’-0” x 31’-0’ x 25’-4” high; and the Operation Storage Building (OSB) is a single story, all steel building, measuring 16’-0” x 21’-0’ x 11’-3” high. 

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