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Greater Takula Area Infrastructure Project

Client | Cabinda Gulf Oil Co. // Location | Angola, Africa

The GTAI project was composed of upgrades to both offshore and onshore crude oil production facilities. The onshore segments of the initiative were comprised of three major subprojects:

1) Takula Onshore Treatment (TOT) Expansion Project
2) Area B Onshore Treatment (BOT) Expansion Project
3) Global Fluids Handling & Treatment (GFHT) Project

TOT and BOT Expansion Project Objectives:

  • Debottleneck the existing system and provide a more robust onshore treating capability that included additional heating capacity to handle increased produced water, provide improved desalting capability and meet sales specifications.
  • Provide the terminal a means to treat “rag” layers (heavy emulsions) that develop in Malongo tank farm storage tanks.
  • Insure that incoming 30” TOS pipeline system satisfies the requirements of API RP 14C.
  • Insure facility turndown sufficient to process the minimum amount of forecast crude oil.
  • Retain adequate reaction time during power upsets.

TOT Expansion Work Scope

  • Replaced the incoming 30” TOS 150# check valve with a 300# check valve
  • Installed new SDV and relief valves on the incoming 30” TOS pipeline
  • Installed two (2) new, 40 MBtu/hr, inline, fired, Crude Heaters
  • Installed one (1) new Degassing Boot
  • Installed one (1) new 60,000 bbl Gunbarrel Tank.
  • Installed one (1) new BCT MCC Building (shared between B&C and TOT)

BOT Expansion Work Scope

  • Installed one (1) new, 40 MBtu/hr, inline, fired, Crude Heater
  • Installed one (1) new Degassing Boot
  • Installed one (1) new 25,000 bbl Gunbarrel Tank
  • Installed one (1) new, 150 HP, 3500 gpm, Crude Oil Transfer Pump
  • Installed one (1) new, 40 MBtu/hr, inline, fired Bad-Oil Heater
  • Installed one (1) new, 25,000 bbl, Bad-Oil Storage Tank
  • Installed one (1) new, 40 HP, 292 gpm, Bad-Oil Charge Pump

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