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Widespread expertise in consulting, design, engineering and start-up services for gas and oil processing plants.

Our team of experts will design highly efficient systems to satisfy your current and future transport and processing needs.

Our experts demonstrate a vast understanding of Midstream systems to help you maximize your rate of return. EDG has expertise in development, design, construction, startup, operation and maintenance of processing and pipeline facilities. From gas processing and pipelines to nitrogen rejection and utility systems support, we can design highly efficient systems to satisfy your current and future Midstream needs.

Gas Processing and Fractionation
Recover and/or separate specific components of a natural gas stream such as ethane, propane and butane.

Gas/Liquid Treating and Dehydration
Remove water, carbon dioxide and sulfur compounds, some of which may be recovered for processing into other products.

Gas/Liquid Storage and Export Systems
Store recovered liquid products in tanks prior to shipping by pipeline, truck, rail car, barge or tanker.

Utility Systems
Support plant operations by providing fuel, pneumatic fluids, heating, cooling, waste handling and safety systems.   Gas and Liquid Pipelines
Gather, transport, measure and store gas and liquids in facilities including pipelines, compressor stations, pump stations and interconnects.

Gas Compression and Liquid Pumping Facilities
Design and implement turbine, reciprocating and electric drive compressors and pumps for plant and pipeline applications.

Nitrogen Rejection and Helium Recovery
Process natural gas streams to remove unwanted and/or valuable non-hydrocarbon components such as nitrogen and helium.

Sulfur Recovery
Convert hydrogen sulfide to elemental sulfur for use in fertilizers.