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EDG's Digital Oil Field group, Asset Management and Optimization (AMO), provides integrated digital solutions for full asset optimization.

From reservoir, well and facility modeling to real time data acquisition and visualization, EDG's AMO services deliver real time solutions to help plan, develop and manage the operations of your upstream oil and gas assets. 


Utilizing IPM models EDG can deliver optimal asset development strategies to maximize production and minimize costs. This strategic asset management planning assists in taking the asset from development to end of life. This system also provides a consistent integrated method for developing production and CAPEX forecasts, evaluating alternatives, running economics and calculating uplifts.

People, Process, Technology 


Together the models and real time data provide the information to identify debottleneck opportunities, troubleshoot problems and more effectively manage production. Integrating the IPM models with conditioned and corrected data from IVM, EDG can set up workflows to immediately identify issues for continuous production optimization.

People, Process, Technology 


Reservoir, well, process and gathering system modeling starts with data acquisition and verification. After the models are constructed they are validated to reproduce full field conditions. Utilizing the Petroleum Experts IPM suite of products including Prosper, MBAL, and GAP, EDG has the expertise and experience to develop models for your most valuable assets. 



Access to critical real time data on the desktops of Managers, Engineers and Operators is essential to daily asset management including optimization and troubleshooting. EDG designs, develops, installs and maintains real time data acquisition and visualization systems utilizing Petroleum Experts IVM technology integrating the IVM systems with existing data sources within your enterprise. These systems are designed to maximize the consumption of data including graphing, trending, curve fit, pressure transient analysis, and data analysis.



Process, Reservoir, Well and Optimization workflows use real time data and the models to calculate additional critical information and to maintain peak efficiency. EDG sets up these workflows to assist with the immediate identification of potential production system problems allowing for a quicker response and resolution. 



EDG has the expertise to design, develop, and maintain your asset management and optimization systems. EDG can supplement your manpower requirements to ensure project success. Our people are our greatest asset.