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At EDG we know we are more than a good company - we are a better company made up of better people.

Better People make Better Business

To become a better company you need specific ingredients.  It starts with key elements including faith, character, quality, work-life balance, opportunities for individual development, and trust.  There must be an environment that enriches lives by recognizing the value of character in the company culture and the individuals that make up the company.

At EDG, we believe a company should provide an environment that encourages and rewards success.  We recognize that when we invest in our people it creates a culture that drives excellence and upholds loyalty, integrity and longevity.

From the inception of EDG in 1982, we have worked hard to build a culture that support better people resulting in better business.

Take a look at what makes us unique and different from the multitude of engineering firms out there. We believe you’ll find that you either relate to the way we empower our employees or you don’t but in order to do so you must first look into the following:

Who We Are

Where we came from