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Testimonials and Employee Views from the EDG team around the globe.

What makes EDG different you ask?  Who better to explain it than our team.

EDG Employees – Troy

EDG Employees – Saskia

EDG Employees – Mignon

EDG Employees – Kartheek

EDG Employees – Chloe

EDG Employees – Alfred

EDG Employees – Andrew

Here is what some of employees are saying about working at EDG.

Chris Jones
At EDG I am given the opportunity to be mentored by senior industry leaders as well as the chance for cross disciplined training. The character driven culture makes day to day life in the office friendly and enjoyable while providing an atmosphere where I can excel and grow both personally and professionally. EDG provides a unique environment stimulating accelerated career development pushing my career higher and faster then it could go anywhere else.

Marilyn Sauls
I’ve been with EDG for about 6 months and joined because of the opportunities for development and the growth potential that the company offers me.  The friendly atmosphere and the dedication to the work being produced are just a couple things that I like most about being part of EDG.  The company has a unique dedication to the employees which is also a huge plus.  I can see myself becoming a better engineer here.  I am getting the opportunity to gain more engineering knowledge and experiences that I wasn’t able to get previously in my career.  Everything I’ve worked on has been different.  Every project I work on gives me an opportunity to learn something new.

Mia Arnold
I originally joined EDG as a temporary employee.  Having previously worked as a civilian contractor for the Air Force I really wanted to find something close to what I was used to doing.  The staffing company felt that EDG would be a good match for me and it turns out they were right.  I have been with EDG for 14 years now. What I like most about working at EDG are the people. The people working at EDG are a great group. It feels good to wake up every day knowing that I am going to work for a company that really cares about their employees.  I can think of several examples of this, but the company’s actions after Hurricane Katrina stand out in my mind the most.  EDG took care of each and every one of the 100+ employees who lived in the New Orleans area during this horrific incident by finding them places to live and taking care of their many other necessities. They did what they believed was the right thing and never once worried about the costs involved. The people were their primary focus. That’s why I’m proud to be part of the EDG family.

Rebecca Rodibaugh
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at EDG in the project controls department. EDG not only consistently provides for its employees financially, but also personally and emotionally. There has never been a time where I felt uncomfortable discussing both my personal and career needs with my supervisors. My own personal experiences with the leaders of EDG have made me confident that even the highest management at EDG is concerned for my welfare and my future. This open, honest, and compassionate culture has absolutely contributed to the successful development of my career, and drives my loyalty to EDG, not only as a company, but as a family.

Rowena Tolentino
Joining EDG opens a door to enhance and realize my full potential as a Piping Designer in a global and complex business environment in line with the oil and gas industry. In the Singapore office, where different races collaborate to achieve one common goal of delivering value to the marketplace, EDG sustains a culture where all individuals are valued. In the face of cultural diversity, the company upholds a close working relationship among employees and takes pride in distributing the outcome to its clients. This gives me opportunities to learn more about piping design, the software we use, and the challenges that I may come across, career and personality wise. With EDG, I always have a broader perspective of coming to work safely, gladly, and willing to work with attentiveness of the mind, willingness of the heart and diligence of the hands.

Samdi Matnam
I believe that EDG’s outlook is not just about profit, but rather its focus is on investing in people and recognizing each individual’s strengths and character qualities which allows them to grow in their potential. With such a diverse and rich culture, I’m grateful to be part of this dynamic family which provides a sense of equality. Since my inception to EDG 5 months ago, I already feel that I have been part of the EDG family for a very long time. The management and the employees are very warm and receptive. All of the folks seem to have fine ingredients for making small contributions towards a better working environment. 

As part of the IT team in EDG Asia Pacific, I have been given opportunities to utilize my strengths and talents. At the same time my supervisor keeps giving encouragement and continually gives me every opportunity to excel. With that I’m driven to make any contribution I can in order to make a difference. Once again, thank you EDG for giving me the opportunity to grow as an individual and be part of this dynamic team.

Sebastian Williams
I joined EDG for the opportunity to be part of a new company that I could grow with. With a global reputation for engineering expertise and highly skilled project and program management services I felt like I was a good match. I enjoy the stimulation of being part of and working with a large group of Multinationals all with a clear focus on getting the job done. Being involved with a full service, multi-discipline international consulting firm serving the oil and gas and industrial markets was the ideal choice for me to grow my career.

Xin Ling
Frankly speaking, this wasn’t what I expected when I first joined the EDG family. EDG is definitely far from a traditional Engineering Company, as I’ve found new opportunities and challenges which I’ve never come upon despite my past experiences. While EDG has the foundation of a strong hierarchical organizational structure, I see that the company culture advocates 2-way communications between the employees and the management team. This forges good relationships and fosters creativity within the company.

Moreover, the Singapore office is a new set-up. Thus, this creates a culture that encourages ideas and opinions.  This is demonstrated as EDG employs staff from different nationalities and the presence of harmony is exhibited among the staff. Working for EDG is never monotonous for me, never a factory work. The task and challenges that arise grant me new insights to working in an engineering company. I am proud and excited to be part of the pioneer batch in the Singapore office.

I would say that in a cosmopolitan city such as Singapore, EDG has stood out amongst the companies in the industry as a culturally-diversified and truly remarkable organization.