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The Twelve Unifying Principles of EDG, Inc.

The Unifying Principles were written in 1993 as EDG's extended Mission Statement; revised in 2014 to ensure inclusion of the Character by Design program.

  1. Our business goal is to provide to our customers excellent quality services, efficiently, professionally, meeting their needs and expectations, and making a fair profit. 
  2. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business.  We will always focus on finding and understanding their needs, and assuring that our efforts are meeting or exceeding those needs. We will strive to give our customers value, and to earn their respect and loyalty.
  3. The ultimate owner of our business is our Creator, to whom each of us is accountable for its operation for good purposes.  We are accountable to God.
  4. Individual character is of value in itself, and reflects in our business. We encourage integrity, respect, courage, faith, and spiritual growth by promoting personal development in our Character by Design Program.  Positive character qualities lead to personal and professional success and happiness.  We are accountable to ourselves.
  5. Each individual possesses innate human dignity, and is uniquely important to our business.  We will respect, support, and encourage one another.  We will work together as a team so that each can attain their best, and share in our success.  We are accountable to each other.
  6. Continuous improvement and growth are essential to our success, as individuals and as a company.  We will constantly pursue excellence by encouraging study, innovation, and positive change.
  7. Work is enjoyable with an attitude of cheerfulness, courtesy and patience.  As we work diligently to give our best effort at all times, we choose to dwell on the positive.
  8. We believe in the Golden Rule.  We will endeavor to treat each other, our clients, and all others as we would have them treat us.
  9. Each of us has a leadership role within the company.  We welcome responsibility, and will strive to contribute to the group effort in all ways possible, understanding that our individual well-being is dependent on the success of the whole.
  10. Safety is a primary consideration in all of our work.  The safety of our customers, ourselves, and the general public shall always take precedence over other objectives.
  11. Our work responsibilities and activities must be kept in balance with our responsibilities to God, family, and community.  We will strive to be supportive of each individual’s pursuit of health of spirit, mind, and body.
  12. We believe that we receive as we give.  As individuals and as a business we will give generously of our time, talent and resources to the needs of our community, and promote these Unifying Principles which we share.